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The first Ever Low Level Flight fan site!


L to R:   Shaun, Dave, Ryan, James, Brandon


Ryan Malcolm was exposed to millions of people worldwide after being voted the winner of the first Canadian Idol contest. But after being freed from the control of a major record label, he was inspired to bring his own music to the forefront.

"Im grateful for the opportunity I was given, but during that time, I had no control over the music, and people werent seeing me for who I was. I wanted the ownership to be on me; my songs, my lyrics, my style."-Ryan

With heavy guitar riffs, pounding drum beats, and dark, personal vocals, it is unlike anything youve ever heard before, which is why Low Level Flight has such loyal fans.

" Most bands these days are becoming fads, people love them until a hot new band comes along, and they completely forget why they loved the band in the first place.Bands these days are too manufactured. With Low Level Flight, the music is much more personal, and we can relate to that. Which is why, us LLF fans, are not going anywhere!"

With band mates Shaun Noronha(bass), James Rooke(guitar, keys), Dave Carter(guitarist), Brandon Merenick (drums), and Malcolm(lead vocals, Guitar) is hoping to change the publics perception of the person they thought they knew 2 years ago.

" I've been working on the rock record that I've always wanted to make. I know some of the old fans will appreciate the change in sound, and I think a new audience will be able to identify with it as well."- Ryan

At the moment the band is finished in the studio recording their anticipated late 2006 debut album release.

While the past is hard to ignore, Ryans exposure and developed experience on Canadian Idol is only a stepping stone to a fantastic career ahead of him.

Not only is LLF an opportunity for Ryan to show himself in a different light, but is also the time for Shaun, James, Dave, and Brandon to be seen as the amazing musicians that they are.


Change for Me mp3!!

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Members of Low Level Flight:

Guitar, Vocals: Ryan Malcolm

Lead Guitar: Dave Carter 

Rythm Guitar, Keys: James Rooke

 Drums: Brandon Merenick

Bass: Shaun Noronha


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